~Repent~: *Stretches* Good morning everyone ^^ Right so it’s been 2 weeks since our last interview nya~ This week I’m inter-… *looks at calender* Huh T^T It’s almost been a year!? How long did me, Lookdown and Overlordlaharl take a catnap for Nya D:! I’m sorry ; ; *Ahem* Excuse me, well it’s that time again folks :3 This week is Suicide Moogle LS leader, Millionsknives!

*Something in the bed moves*

~Overlordlaharl~: *Rubs eyes* Huh… Hmm… WHAT!? Repent!? What are you doing here in my moghouse again!!

~Repent~: ; ; I w-was just starting my interview with Millionsknives nya! I hope you don’t mind!

~Overlordlaharl~: Don’t mind!? I was sleeping in my own bed! Why the hell do you have to do it here an-… *looks around kinda scared* Where’s Lament?

~Repent~: Ah she’s gone adventuring somewhere far away for a while, she said I could come here if I’m lonely Nya~

~Overlordlaharl~: Ah, so she’s not here then *smirk* Well… GET THE HELL OU-

~Repent~: Oh! She told me to give you this! It’s a letter :3

*Hands over letter*

~Overlordlaharl~: Hmm, Let me see… *opens it*.


~Overlordlaharl~: Tsk, like hell I will, if she’s not here she cant do anything to me bwahah!

~Repent~: *Bright red faced blushed* Ermm…

~Overlordlaharl~: Whats up with you?

~Repent~: *hands him a photo that fell out of the letter*

~Overlordlaharl~: What!?!? That isnt me I swear I-I-I didnt do that! It’s not me!!!! 

~Repent~: I didn’t know you were like that Overlordlaharl nya~ *blush* you look kinda pretty in woman’s clothes nya~ 

*Full Letter – http://xs136.xs.to/xs136/09064/leet824.png * 


~Overlordlaharl~: It’s not me!! Well whatever, get on with it you can use my room *grumbles and storms off*

~Repent~: Aww thank you X3 Well sorry about that folks! We have Millionsknives joining us now ^^ Come on in! :3

*Full Ranger Af, Looking pretty awesome~ :3*


*Millionsknives walks in*

~Repent~: Hello Mr Millionknives Nya~ And welcome!

~Millionsknives~: Grettings fellow adventurer. How does this day find you?

~Repent~: It finds me well good sir :3 you?

~Millionsknives~: I greet everyday with a sense of quiet anger. It soothes the soul.

~Millionsknives~: Pain is the Elvaan condition.

~Repent~: I see nya~ Oh! I see you’re a red mage! What made you level it all the way to the top? :3

~Millionsknives~: Well I started my adventures from bastok as a warrior. As is the traditional job of the Elvaan.

~Millionsknives~: However, upon my travels it became neccessary to broaden my skills from purely damage to being the most effective team memeber, and so I studied the light and dark arts too, leading me to become a Red Mage.

~Millionsknives~: And once you have tasted Red Mage, everything else is inferior.

*The poor gobbie is washed away by the power of the Red Mage!*


~Repent~: Oh wowee very efficient! X3 And also, very different Nya~ Elvaan’s generally are noble warrior’s and paladins! Must of been a big step to follow your own path nya :3

~Millionsknives~: Yes, I often wonder what my father would have thought about me dabbling in the dark arts, after all, that is more the Tarutarus area of expertice, and he was certainly not a Taru Lover.

~Millionsknives~:  However, he has passed onto the crystals, so I will never know.

~Repent~: I’m sure he’s proud of you nya ^^ You seem to be a fine Red Mage!

~Millionsknives~: The best.

*Savage Blade, it says it all in the name nya~*


~Repent~: You say though 😮 That Red Mage is the best job, and the rest are inferior nya~ So, you wouldnt want to be anything else? :3

~Millionsknives~: I generally do not want to be anything else, however, I assume you are asking about my practice in the Ranger field?

~Repent~: /Nod :3 What made you decide to broaden your horizens~?

~Millionsknives~: Well my little mithra, that’s a complex question, one that I’m not sure I can answer.

~Millionsknives~: If i had to pick a reason though, I’d say it comes from the old tales of the Crystal War. Hearing about a man who could slain an enemy while being at such a great distance away that the hedious beast knew not of the mans exsistance is simply divine.

~Repent~: Oooh yes! Yes it is! Very mysterious yet powerful nya~

~Millionsknives~: However, Ranger has some similarities with Red Mage you know. 

~Repent~: How so may I ask? :3

~Millionsknives~: As I’m sure you know, Red Mage focus on hindering the abilities of the enemy, such as weighing them to the earth with Gravity, or casting a vail of darkness over them with Blind.

~Millionsknives~: Ranger can also do many of these enfeebling skills, why, an arrow can be enchanted with nearly any effect which is where the link between the two jobs lies.

~Repent~: Ahhhh yes I see ^^ Very true nya~ Also, you look rather dashing don’t you think in the lushious green? :3

~Millionsknives~: Indeed, I’m glad you agree.


*Go go power ranger! T^T sorry, couldnt resist!*


~Overlordlaharl~: Come on the, let’s go to the damn market before all the fish go! I’ll meet you there.

*Door slams*

~Repent~: Oh no >< I need to go to the market soon before all the fresh fish are gone nya! A few more questions~ What is your most fondest memory of you adventures in Vanadiel? :3

~Millionsknives~: All my fond memories involve my friends. I’ve had many happy memories with my friends such as Overlordlaharl and Amith. If I could pick one, it would be mine and Overlordlaharls adventure to the Elvaan Kingdom of San d’Oria.

~Repent~: Ah yes :3 Overlordlaharl always tells me his tales when we’re gossiping over some steamy soup!

~Millionsknives~: I could sure go for some soup…

~Repent~: I’m sorry nya ; ; we ate it all up~

~Repent~: Well we have time for one more question! Here on Repent’s Report we offer readers a chance to ask a question! :3 Let me see… Oh! Someone has asked one nya! It is from~

~Repent~: … Millionsknives nya~… He says “What do you do to be as cool as you are? And do you pitty others?” ^^;

~Millionsknives~: <.<; *ahem* I would say in answer, that I always take a bath in milk after a hard days work, that keeps the calcium flowing and the old looks up to standard, that is how I stay ‘Cool’. As for pity, Deffinetly.

~Repent~: I love drinking milk nya~ I better start bathing in it now to be as cool as you! :3

~Millionsknives~: You should try that long life milk from Jeuno Market, Keeps for months.


*The power of a Ranger’s Sindwinder can even take down a Gobbue! Ow, he’s gonna have one belly ache D:*


~Repent~: I shall ^^ Oh my nya! It’s time for us to go ; ;Thank you for taking your time to answer my questions nya!

~Millionsknives~: Thank you for asking them, may I say a “Big up” to someone?

~Repent~: Sure :3

~Millionsknives~: To Weissberv who just recently got level 75 and found his lost cat, Miffles.

~Repent~: Awww ; ; Lovely! Congratulations on finding his cat and getting level 75 :3 Thank you Millionsknives! Take care now bye bye ^^

~Millionsknives~: Thank you, May Altana watch over your blessed soul, young Mithra.

*Millionsknives leaves*

~Repent~: Well thats all for today folks! Phew that was a long one nya~ Im a little tired but I gotta go meet Overlordlaharl!! Next time on Repent’s report will be a  random member of the LS Suicide Moogles so hold onto your hats nya :3 Take care guys see you again!!

*Scurries off*

*Unedited version of Chat log (This one was cut as it was very long) -> http://g.imagehost.org/dl/dc1b5b42233752ec3811d8d6802ce939/0255/unedited.png*